Why is it worth traveling to Cuba in winter?

Why is it worth traveling to Cuba in winter?

So you’ve had enough of the cold and just need a few days to unfreeze your toes and relax in some soothing sun, but leaving your home to travel for leisure to another country is both exciting and intimidating. Additionally, you cant find a suitable place that isn’t experiencing some sort of winter blizzard or snowstorm. Furthermore, you ask yourself whether you need to book all-inclusive trips with companies such as Snaptravel for trips including self-catering accommodation or a hotel, live amongst the locals, or keep to the tourists. So you realize that being prepared is an excellent way to put your mind at ease and ensure you are in control of the trip the entire time. 

Preparedness and Safety 

This is why it is recommended that travelers use travel agencies to reduce the risk of running into any unwanted problems and be provided with an array of trips for booking. Furthermore, these agencies can also tell you which countries are worth visiting and which will just be a total waste of your money. Much like Cuba, which is found in Havana within the Tropic of Cancer with weather that only decreases to around 21 degrees celsius at the least, and holds a subtropical climate with even the winters feeling like a cool summer breeze instead of icy cold blasts. 

Places to eat in Cuba 

Due to its warm winters, Cuban foods and cuisines are strictly natural, with traditional recipes dating back to its African, Spanish, Caribbean, and other indigenous cultures. As a result, the food flavors include non-extreme tastes like cumin-spiced dishes consisting of common legumes, rice, maize, and a colorful array of bell peppers. Furthermore, Cuban people have only been allowed to own restaurants since 2011 and thus have a local flare of paladares where you can eat locally directly from the locals. Overall, this is the best way you can enjoy Cuban culture. 

Affordable accommodation in Cuba  

Overall, finding quality for cheap is hard as it is in your own country, let alone accommodation for a few days of vacation. Furthermore, with the rise in prices of fancy, and luxurious hotels that you can check out on accommodation booking websites, travelers can now book alternative accommodations like backpackers, an Airbnb, or a hostel. Moreover, Cuban hotels are situated away from the locals and offer a more glamorous side to Cuba, with blue sea waters, open bars, and fancy nightlife. Moreover, you can get for the right price as a traveler whatever you want. 

Places to see in Cuba 

After narrowing down an extensive list of places Cuba is famously known for, travelers are left with the most attractive tourist destinations such as the sugar cane fields where Cuban Rum is made, authentic cigars, traditional music that creates ambiance to their art and architecture, and the rich history that provided United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage sites throughout Cuba. Furthermore, the beaches and the country’s coastline feature crystal clear waters and white sands. 

All in all, it is best to travel with the help of travel agencies that can provide the best-educated advice for first-time travelers and for those just looking to do a change of scenery, especially when you are trying to escape the blistering cold but still want to know its a typical winters day.