These 7 Hidden Islands in South Sulawesi

These 7 Hidden Islands in South Sulawesi

Islands- The charm of South Sulawesi does not stop at the panorama of the second largest karst mountain in the world. Like some other regions in Indonesia, this province which is at the “foot” of the island of Sulawesi also has a beach with a panorama that is a pity to miss. Not only Tanjung Bira, Lanjukg, and Cangke, South Sulawesi still has the exoticism of other tropical islands hidden from the world.

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This destination, which is touted as the best place for a honeymoon, only has an area of ​​4 hectares. Uninhabited, you can feel the sensation of a vacation on a private island. With sea water that is still clear, you can see the coral reefs on the beach in the Pangkep Islands with the naked eye.


Still in the Pankep archipelago, Badi is also included in the not-so-big island category. The feel of the beach here is so reassuring, complete with a stretch of white sand that is tempting to walk with bare feet. Also, this place is the largest coral reef rehabilitation site in the world. So, the underwater beauty is certainly not in doubt. To know more about political law you can visit this site folderaccess


This small island which is quite busy in the waters of Spermonde is experiencing a shrinking area every year. Unlike some of the previous islands, Samalona has more adequate facilities for travelers. Can be reached by boat from Makassar for 2 hours, this island is one of the best points for diving in the waters of central Indonesia.


This island with an area of ​​195 hectares is unique because it is located right in the center of Makassar. Having a long history, this island was once a defense base for the Japanese army with a bamboo forest. Exploring the island, you can find a Japanese bunker.

Just Lompo

Located in the sub-district of Liukang Kalmas, like other islands that are “scattered” in Pangkep, Doang-doangan Lompo is uninhabited. However, its location is close to the already inhabited Spermonde island range. Not too popular, but the underwater exoticism of this island can be compared with others.


So the outermost island in the western part of Selayar district, Pasi used as a fishing spot, especially for travelers who want to head to the Sulawesi sea. In fact, local residents often use the island’s coastal areas to become a pond area for several types of export quality marine fish and lobster. Also, this island is famous as a diving spot with a variety of beautiful coral reefs.

Camba Sideburns

Mini size, this island only has an area of ​​50 square meters. However, size is not a benchmark for the beauty of the island which is the coordinate point of marine tourism destinations in the Pangkep archipelago. Here, you can see the view of the sunset reflecting beautifully on the sea water. Also, feel the serenity of the sea carried by the cool breeze that gently cradles your face.

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September 9, 2022