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The ranking of geopolitical positive aspects and losses after power transition places Iceland first out of 156 countries, making it the principle geopolitical winner in the world energy transition. Thousands of Icelanders left the nation after the collapse, lots of those moving to Norway. In 2005, 293 people moved from Iceland to Norway; in 2009, the figure was 1,625. In April 2010, the Icelandic Parliament’s Special Investigation Commission published the findings of its investigation, revealing the extent of management fraud on this disaster. By June 2012, Landsbanki managed to repay about half of the Icesave debt.

Polish people make up the largest minority group by a substantial margin, and still type the majority of the foreign workforce. About eight,000 Poles now reside in Iceland, 1,500 of them in Fjarðabyggð the place they make up 75% of the workforce who are developing the Fjarðarál aluminium plant.

  • Generally talking, the south coast is hotter, wetter, and windier than the north.
  • The largest town outside Greater Reykjavík is Reykjanesbær, which is situated on the Southern Peninsula, lower than 50 km from the capital.
  • The largest city exterior the southwest corner is Akureyri in northern Iceland.

An island in a river or a lake island may be known as an eyot or ait, and a small island off the coast may be known as a holm. A grouping of geographically or geologically associated islands, such as the Philippines, is referred to as an archipelago. 1 Oceanic islands throughout the neighborhood of Europe are often grouped with the continent although they are not situated on its continental shelf. Iceland can also be the smallest nation to ever qualify for Eurobasket. Although Iceland has had great success qualifying for Eurobasket, they have not managed to win a single game in the European Basketball last phases. Iceland has a highly developed internet tradition, with around ninety five% of the population having web access, the highest proportion in the world. Iceland ranked twelfth within the World Economic Forum’s 2009–2010 Network Readiness Index, which measures a rustic’s capacity to competitively exploit communications know-how.

The tourism sector is expanding, especially in ecotourism and whale-watching. On common, Iceland receives round 1.1 million guests yearly, which is greater than three times the native population. 1.7 million individuals visited Iceland in 2016, three times greater than the quantity that got here in 2010. Iceland’s agriculture business, accounting for 5.4% of GDP, consists mainly of potatoes, inexperienced vegetables , mutton and dairy products.

Large-scale development initiatives in the east of Iceland (see Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant) have also introduced in many individuals whose stay is expected to be temporary. Many Polish immigrants had been additionally considering leaving in 2008 as a result of the Icelandic financial crisis. A 2000 report from the University of Iceland suggested that Iceland might probably convert from oil to hydrogen power by 2040.

Iceland’s largest geothermal energy vegetation are Hellisheiði and Nesjavellir, whereas Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant is the country’s largest hydroelectric energy station. When the Kárahnjúkavirkjun started working, Iceland became the world’s largest electrical energy producer per capita. Iceland is among the few countries which have filling stations dispensing hydrogen gasoline for vehicles powered by fuel cells. It is also one of some nations able to producing hydrogen in sufficient quantities at a reasonable value, due to Iceland’s plentiful renewable sources of energy.


The United Nations International Telecommunication Union ranks the country third in its growth of knowledge and communications technology, having moved up four locations between 2008 and 2010. In February 2013 the nation was researching attainable strategies to protect children in regards to Internet pornography, claiming that pornography on-line is a risk to kids as it supports baby slavery and abuse. Strong voices throughout the group expressed issues with this, stating that it is impossible to block entry to pornography without compromising freedom of speech. Egalitarianism is extremely valued among the individuals of Iceland, with revenue inequality being among the lowest on the planet.

The constitution explicitly prohibits the enactment of noble privileges, titles, and ranks. As in other Nordic countries, equality between the sexes may be very high; Iceland is persistently ranked among the many prime three international locations in the world for women to live in. Iceland has a very low level of pollution, due to an overwhelming reliance on cleaner geothermal energy, a low population density, and a excessive degree of environmental consciousness among citizens. According to an OECD evaluation, the quantity of toxic supplies within the atmosphere is way decrease than in any other industrialised nation measured. In December 2007, 33,678 folks (thirteen.5% of the entire population) dwelling in Iceland had been born overseas, together with kids of Icelandic mother and father residing abroad. Around 19,000 people (6% of the inhabitants) held overseas citizenship.