Spain – The Perfect Place for Lovers

Spain – The Perfect Place for Lovers

Are you thinking of declaring your love, making a commitment, or spending a relaxing weekend with an extra dose of affection? We relieve you. Go pack your bags and organize an escape to one of these 5 Spanish cities where you breathe love.

If we think of romantic destinations with which to surprise our partner (or to conquer someone else), there are chances that cities like Paris, Rome, or Venice will come to mind. And it is clear that these are great destinations in any circumstance, but we must not forget that in Spain some places can be ideal settings for a romantic getaway at any time of year according to

Among the most romantic cities in Spain and, although there is no room for many others that are also romantic, the following can not be missed: Choose the city, the story, book a room using Hoteles com and pack your bags. Let’s get started!

1.  Cangas de Onís (Asturias)

No one can deny the romance radiated by the Roman bridge Cangas de Onís, with its legendary Victoria Cross hanging over the river Sella. This city in the depths of Asturias hides many corners to discover as a couple. You just have to get lost in its streets, in its lively square, or palaces like Pintu’s. And to put an end to a romantic getaway, you just have to climb to Covadonga Lakes, in Picos de Europa, and contemplate its beautiful Sanctuary. With this natural landscape, you will feel that your love becomes even deeper.

2.  Tossa del Mar (Gerona)

On the Catalan, the coast is the medieval complex Tossa del Mar, whose beauty makes this city a magnificent place to share as a couple. The cobbled streets adorned with trees and vines, its wonderful bays, its centuries-old stone houses, and the strong wall built in the fourteenth century almost intact. All this provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic date in which you become princes and princesses.

3.  Valldemosa (Mallorca)

We already said it in our ranking of places to win back your ex. Valldemosa is extremely romantic. NO ONE can resist her charms. Not even the great ones like Unamuno, Rubén Darío, Borges or Chopin could pass by. Everyone found their inspiration in this beautiful city in the Mallorcan mountains, full of imposing houses and cobbled streets. Two places that ensure the success of the trip are the viewpoint Miranda des Lladroners and Cartuja, a monastery with beautiful gardens and better views.

4.  Aranjuez (Madrid)

Aranjuez, Real Sitio, and Villa give a lot of love. And to prove it, you have to visit its beautiful palace, walk hand in hand through its gardens, the most beautiful in Spain, and enjoy endless walks among small baroque and neoclassical jewels. Later, take a boat trip on the Tajo with your partner (day or night) or book a meal by the river.

5.  Olvera (Cádiz)

Olvera’s pink sky before dawn can conquer the toughest boy/girl. This white city of Cadiz is a beauty. Its Moorish castle and its neoclassical church break the horizon of fairytale houses arranged neatly on the hill. Of course, get ready to climb hills. The good news is that the effort pays off. The views over the mountains are breathtaking.