Not Just Bromo, These 5 Tourist Destinations In Lumajang

Not Just Bromo, These 5 Tourist Destinations In Lumajang

Tourist Destinations- Tired of traveling in Malang, Bromo and Surabaya. Why not enjoy tourist destinations in Lumajang? Guaranteed your travel experience will be more qualified.

Located approximately two hours by road from Surabaya, Lumajang offers a special natural charm. Not only the natural nuances of the green and beautiful mountains, you can also enjoy the relaxed beach atmosphere and the mysterious cave atmosphere here. It can be said, tourist destinations in Lumajang have complete characteristics.

If you are interested in enjoying alternative tourist destinations in East Java, Lumajang deserves to be a reference. In addition to heading to Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and to Ranu Kumbolo, check here for which destinations you can visit, as well as giving your own satisfaction.

Indonesian-style Niagara, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Yups, there are a lot of Niagara in Indonesia. One of them is the Tumpak Sewu waterfall. One of the tourist destinations in Lumajang offers even more epic views than Niagara Falls, which is on the border between the state of New York and the province of Ontario, Canada, namely a waterfall with a green view.

The circular flow of water seeps through the cliff walls and forms a curtain effect, which is the uniqueness of this Tumpak Sewu waterfall. In addition, the fresh air and impressive natural scenery add to the attraction of this waterfall.

If you want to see a more exotic view, you can go down to the valley and see directly the panorama of the waterfall from below. Guaranteed to be fascinated, you know!

Location: Jl. Raya Sidorenggo, Besukcukit, Sidomulyo, Pronojiwo, Lumajang Regency, East Java
Ticket price: 10,000 IDR per person

Enjoy the splendor of Coban Sriti

One of the tourist destinations in Lumajang with a waterfall theme that you can also visit is Coban Sriti. However, because of its natural nature, it takes a little effort to get to the location.

Regardless, Coban Sriti will offer matchless splendor. This waterfall with a height of about 120 meters comes from two rivers, namely the Besukbang River and the Glidik or Lengkong River. The impression of majesty arises because the location of the Coban Sriti waterfall is in the green cliffs that surround it.

During the rainy season, Coban Sriti’s water discharge gets bigger. For safety’s sake, the regulations here advise visitors not to bathe under the waterfall. However, to just wash your feet and enjoy the natural scenery, you can enjoy the fresh water in the Coban Sriti river.

Location: Pronojiwo Hamlet, Pronojiwo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, East Java Province
Ticket price: Free

Kapas Biru Waterfall, Lumajang’s hidden gem

Want to enjoy anti-mainstream tourist destinations in Lumajang? You can visit the Kapas Biru waterfall, which is hidden in the middle of lush green trees and towering cliffs. To know about computers you can visit this site

There is a special reason why this waterfall is named so. The waterfall’s swift and white flow represents the phrase “cotton”, while “blue” is taken from the impression of a bluish color when this waterfall is seen from a distance. Apart from that, everyone must agree that the Kapas Biru waterfall is indeed beautiful and impressive.

The high cliffs are dark in color, decorated with green vegetation around and the cool feel of the air blowing and the cold from the waterfall gives its own sensation that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Location: Pronojiwo, Mulyoarjo, Pronojiwo, Lumajang Regency, East Java
Ticket price: Free

Exploring the traces of the Dutch heritage in the Kertowono tea garden

On the slopes of Semeru, there is a Kertowono tea garden that is interesting to visit. Not only because of the charm of the color green and fresh air, but also the opportunity to lower your stress level.

You can also visit a tea factory which is close to this tourist destination in Lumajang. Then, You can also learn and watch the processing of tea leaves into ready-to-drink products, from picking, sorting and packing tea leaves. You can also drink tea from this plantation, you know!

Besides enjoying the scenery and following the tea leaf processing, you can also take a historical tour. From the fact that this tea garden is a relic of the Netherlands and has existed since 1910. There are a number of Dutch heritage buildings, which you can rent for the night. In the morning, you can enjoy a cool sunrise, you know!

Location: Poli, Gucialit, Lumajang Regency, East Java
Ticket price: 5,000 IDR per person

Sip the mist at the Rainbow Mist Waterfall

Still interested in enjoying the natural charm of Lumajang, then the misty rainbow waterfall should be your next destination. Not only seeing waterfalls, you can also enjoy Halimun, A.K.A. thin fog and rainbow at this tourist location.
The panorama offered by tourist destinations in Lumajang is also beautiful and impressive. Not to mention the fresh and cool air that surrounds visitors at all times, which will make you feel at home for long here, even though the route to get to the location is not exactly easy to take.
The waterfall itself also flows quite a lot of water. Plus the impressive natural scenery around, every photo here can be an Instagenic result.

Location: Pronojiwo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, East Java
Ticket price: 5,000 IDR per person

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