Must-Try, A Favorite Culinary Center of Malaysian and Singaporean Travelers

Must-Try, A Favorite Culinary Center of Malaysian and Singaporean Travelers

Batam is a small island in Indonesia located close to neighboring countries Singapore and Malaysia. Its close location makes many Singaporeans and Malaysians visit Batam. Before visiting Batam, it is better to know the batam food recommendation.

Known as a trade route between Indonesia-Malaysia, and Indonesia-Singapore, this small island with a strategic location is also famous for its culinary tourism, which became the favorite of Malaysian and Singaporean travelers. The following is information on Batam Food Recommendation.

Nagoya Food Court

It is a place to eat in Batam, where many booths have various dishes. Opened in 2020, Nagoya Food Court is the largest food court in Batam. The Food Court is the act of the government’s support and concern for advancing the tourism sector. 

Having a capacity of around 1,500 people with a building area of ​​3,000 square meters with parking, this place provides a variety of dishes that are ready to satisfy your tongue. Here, visitors can also enjoy indonesian coffee from various brands.

Tourists chose this place from neighboring countries as their favorite place because of its affordable price. If calculated using the Singapore dollar and Malaysian Ringgit, the food price at this place tends to be reasonable. This place to eat is suitable for people of all ages which is also often used as a meeting point, a place to relax and have family gatherings.

Location and Hours of Operation

Located on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Nagoya Newtown Complex, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, this culinary place is open from 06.30 am to midnight at 01.00 am local time, during the weekend, this place is always crowded (operational hours depending on government policy).

It is located strategically at the Nagoya intersection of five close to the City Walk Nagoya area, making this place easy to find and search. Nagoya Food Court provides live music facilities on weekends, large screens for entertainment for visitors, and accessible parking area facilities. Although this parking area is free of charge, it is still safe for visitors who bring vehicles.

Available Menu

Providing a variety of cuisine menus ranging from local Indonesian, Western, Chinese, Japanese, and various Korean and Ginseng drinks. You can enjoy all of them at this food court. Visitors who like local Indonesian dishes can choose the outdoor area on the ground floor, while visitors who want to experience foreign cuisine can choose to sit in the indoor space on the 2nd floor.

Carrying the concept of family and prioritizing comfort and safety, Nagoya Food Court has successfully become the culinary center of choice in Batam, with the best menus that are too good to be missed with friends or relatives.