Mountain: 5 Facts about Mount Jayawijaya

Mountain: 5 Facts about Mount Jayawijaya

Papua is a very valuable land for Indonesia. For entrepreneurs, Papua is known for its gold mines. Papua is known for its Birds of Paradise.

For those who like diving, Papua is famous for its Raja Ampat. And for mountain lovers, Papua is famous for its Mount Jayawijaya.

Mount Jayawijaya is the highest mountain in Indonesia, where snow covers its peak. Maybe this place is the only place in the tropics that has snow. For climbers, they have to climb Mount Jayawijaya because it is a dream mountain.

But before climbing, it’s a good idea to know 5 facts about Mount Jayawijaya which the author has summarized from various sources.

1. Mountain Jayawijaya has a very difficult climbing route.

The peak of Cartenz is the dream of climbers in various parts of the world. However, it takes a very high effort to reach it, because the steep terrain and erratic weather make climbing even more difficult. Sometimes the challenges of nature go beyond the capabilities of the human body.

Therefore, physical and mental abilities alone are not enough to climb this majestic mountain. It also takes the ability to survive, mature navigation, quality equipment, and of course a lot of money.

2. The existence of snow on Cartenz Peak is against the laws of nature.

A well-known natural law since ancient times says it is impossible to find snow in the equatorial region, including Indonesia. However, Mount Wijaya violated the laws of nature because it was snowing at Cartenz Peak, Jayawijaya Mountains.

That’s why it was Jan Cartenz who said that there was snow at the equator, so many said he was wild. 300 years later, Jan Cartenz’s words are proven true. Mount Carstensz stands majestically with snow covering its peak.

3. Besides snow, Jayawijaya also has glaciers.

Glaciers are ice sheets that form as a result of snow that accumulates over time and are very useful for fresh-water reserves on earth.

4. In 2022, Jayawijaya Mountain will lose its snow.

According to a report from BMKG published in 2016, they believe the snow cover on Mount Jayawijaya will melt completely by 2022. This is due to global warming. In fact, previously in Papua, there were 2 more mountains that used to have a layer of snow, namely Mandala Peak and Trikora Peak which had melted completely. Will the peak of Jayawijaya have the same fate as the two mountains?

5. At the top of Cartenz we can find fossils of marine animals

Another uniqueness besides snow is that we can find fossils of marine animals, such as shells on the Cartenz Peak. This is because in the past Mount Jayawijaya was at the bottom of the sea. Then along with the separation of the land of Papua from Australia, the land experienced uplift and thrust by the earth’s plates. This natural event occurred millions of years ago.