Island: Bawean Island Gresik

Island: Bawean Island Gresik

Bawean Island is one of the stunning beauty paradises in Gresik Regency, East Java. The island is not as well-known as other interesting destinations such as Bali and Karimunjawa.

But make no mistake, because there are many interesting tourist destinations that you can visit when exploring Bawean Gresik Island.

Gresik Regency offers an attractive charm with a variety of the best tourist spots, one of which is Bawean Island. This beautiful land in the northeast of Java Island holds the charm of virgin nature which is recommended for you to explore. Get an interesting experience with the sensation of an exciting vacation trip in Gresik with your family.

When you plan to explore natural beauty with a variety of the best destinations on Bawean Island, Gresik Regency. Don’t be in a hurry because you can see interesting reviews about Bawean Island for travel references. Because vacations do need surveys to facilitate and smooth travel.

Bawean Island Entrance Ticket Prices

To enjoy the beauty of this beautiful island in Gresik, tourists will not lose money.

Because the Bawean Island tour is free, you only have to cross by boat. The following is a list of prices for crossings and boats:

  1. Gili Iyang – Operational Friday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 09.00 WIB. (Rp. 59,000 for children and Rp. 76,000 for adults)
  2. Natuna Express – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 09.00 WIB. (Rp.146,000 for executive class, while VIP is Rp.162,000)
  3. Bahari Express 8E – Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 09.00 WIB. (Rp.146,000 for executive class, while VIP is Rp.162,000)
    (The price that Sikidang provides above can change and be updated by the provider at any time).

This destination open every day with 24-hour tour operations.

Enjoy a fun long holiday with your family by exploring the best tourist spots on Bawean Island.

Address and Route Location

Bawean Island tourist destinations are located north of the Gresik sea. So, you need to cross with a travel time of approximately 5 hours.

Enjoy the sensation of a fun sea trip with your family for an anti-mainstream vacation in Gresik Regency, East Java.


Presenting an extraordinarily beautiful natural charm, Bawean Island offers a variety of interesting facilities such as:

  1. Crossing tour boats with great service
  2. Vehicle rental
  3. mosque
  4. Food stalls and restaurants
  5. Traveler information center
  6. Public health center
  7. Interesting souvenir and gift shop
  8. Camping area around the beautiful beach
  9. Interesting accommodation
  10. Exciting rides and spots (ATV, Jetski, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, and many more
  11. Tour guide if needed
  12. Beautiful beach tourism with various facilities in it
  13. ATM and many others.
  14. Get the sensation of a pleasant vacation trip by exploring the best spots on Bawean Island, Gresik, and East Java.

Tourist Spots on Bawean Island

  1. Tour Bawean Island
    Exploring the paradise of beauty that this beautiful place in Gresik offers for an exciting and fun vacation trip.
  2. Bawean Deer Breeding
    Suitable for those of you who vacation on Gili Bawean Gresik Island with your family for an interesting experience.
  3. Lake Kastoba
    Feel the freshness of nature with a beautiful view that is suitable for relaxing the soul and mind full of fatigue.
  4. Laccar Falls
    The hidden beauty of Bawean Island, which is recommended for nature lovers, feels the adrenaline with adventure.
  5. Noko Selayar Beach
    For snorkeling enthusiasts, this one destination is one of the best on the ocean of Bawean Gresik, East Java.
  6. Gili Noko Beach
    The natural charm of the underwater world with crystal clear water will spoil your holiday trip to Bawean Island.
  7. Mayangkara Beach
    White Sand Beach with an instagenic spot from this place is suitable for a family picnic when exploring Bawean Island.
  8. Long Grave Beach
    Religious tourism on Bawean Island with its interesting mystical spots and stories is a shame for you to miss while on vacation.
  9. Cape Ga’ang
    The enchanting natural charm of Indonesia is endless, try exploring this hidden destination on Bawean Island.
  10. Green Mangrove Leaves
    There are many interesting places on Bawean that will spoil your holiday trip like this place.

Visiting Tips

In order to get the sensation of having a fun and unforgettable vacation on Bawean, prepare for the trip to the fullest.

Here are some travel tips for visiting Bawean, Gresik, and East Java for a more quality vacation:

  1. The best time to explore is during the long holidays.
  2. Prepare to be physically fit and try to be in a healthy body condition to explore the best destinations on Bawean.
  3. Bring more money on vacation because you are often over budget.
  4. Don’t forget to bring personal equipment. Such as toiletries, clothing, photographic equipment, and others.
  5. Hopefully, the information and interesting references from Sikidang in this article can facilitate your vacation trip to Bawean.