September 27, 2022


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How to save on flight costs to Norway

How to save on flight costs to Norway

How to save on flight costs to Norway

Are you planning a trip to Norway for that long-awaited holiday? There are ways that you can cut down on the cost of your flight ticket.

A change is as good as a holiday, or so they say. With the world currently in the middle of a global pandemic, we all need some form of normality. If you travelled a lot pre-pandemic, now is the time to plan your next trip. Travel can be expensive. You can slash costs by using a highly rated travel booking company. Visit to read real reviews from customers who have used and can recommend travel booking companies or websites.

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How can I save on my next trip?

There are many ways to save money on the costs that come with travelling to another city or town on holiday. Here are a few of our top tips to save on travel costs:

  • Plan your trip as far in advance as possible. Take advantage of better deals on flights and accommodation by booking these early. If you fear your plans may change, book flexible tickets and hotel rooms that allow changes for a small fee. The extra fee will still cost you less than booking last minute.
  • If you travel regularly for business, sign up for one of the many frequent flyer programs offered by most airlines and some credit card companies. They reward you with free air miles to use as you wish. There are many more incentives to frequent flyer programs, such as discounts, incentives, and custom travel packages for you to enjoy. Sign up to the company’s mailing list and be one of the first to know about any sales or discounts that are coming up.
  • Visit a travel website to compare the cost of your flight ticket across a few airlines. Cheaper flights will seem more appealing but often come with hidden baggage costs or airport taxes that are not included in the ticket price. Make sure you are aware of all costs associated with your flight ticket before you book.
  • Look at the option of one-stop flights. Direct flights to major cities can cost you more. By adding in one or two stops, you can reduce the price of your ticket significantly. Factor these layovers into your travel plans and make sure you allow enough time to move between airport terminal buildings if you need to do so.


If you are still unsure of how to save money on your flight ticket, chat to a travel agent or even a friend who travels regularly and can suggest the best airlines for the cheapest flight tickets. By saving money on a flight, you can have more spending money or even an extra day’s stay at your chosen accommodation.

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