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5 Cultural Shocks You May Experience While Visiting France

5 Cultural Shocks You May Experience While Visiting France

5 Cultural Shocks You May Experience While Visiting France

France is a lovely place. In fact, it is one of the most attractive places in the world. However, there are a few shockers that await many first-time tourists to France. This guide should help put things in a better perspective and help you adjust and adapt quickly to life in France. Check out AmonAvis for reviews of businesses you will find around the country. You can also check with booking to help make your stay very comfortable. Some of these things are very much ingrained in the French, so you might have to accept them as they come. They are:

  1. French People are friendly

We are familiar with the rude stereotype that is said to characterize the French people. However, this stereotype is not valid, lacking merit. French people are amiable, especially if you speak their language and show respect for the culture. When you meet a local, you should extend courtesy by greeting in the language. Bonjour or bon soir is not too difficult to say. Wait until you get a response, then begin to converse. You will meet more friendliness than you can imagine.

  1. They take their business life very easy

In many countries, you have to work 8- 5 with little or no lunch break. Such a scenario is unheard of in France. Here, businesses open by 9 or 10 am with a lunch break that can span an hour. Also, some businesses have a day they do not work. If you are new to France, this can be very shocking for you. One reason for this is when you visit a store to get some home utensils, and they seem closed. You might have to wait a while—something you aren’t used to in your home country. It is best to research the work hours before you go out to get anything in France.

  1. Their food is superb

French people, like Italians, live their food. They do not just eat; they take their time to savor the meal, appreciating it for every seasoning and taste. No matter how small the meal is, you can ensure that you are in for a massive treat. Another thing you should be prepared for is eating time. French people spend a lot of time on their meals. Even after they have long finished, you can sit down and continue chatting with friends. It seems the system is well-suited to accommodate these behaviors.

  1. Admire with your eyes only; leave your hands out of it

You should admire produce and items from afar. However, it would help if you did not touch them. It is up to the shopkeeper to get these items for you if you want them. When you get into a store, make sure to read and understand the policy to know how to behave so that you will not come off as rude. You cannot also sit in some parks and gardens around you, no matter how inviting they look. As always, inquire before you make any move.

  1. They smoke a lot

The French love their cigarette, and they can take it before, during, and after a meal. They love to smoke. While they do not smoke insoles, you will have to cope with this habit once you are outside. Except you are in a smoke-free area, you should know that you are in for a France-smoke delight.

Another cultural fact you must keep in mind is that a lot of people have dogs in France. You can see them walk their dogs everywhere, and you will also find dog poop in several places. Try not to be irritated; it is a way of life.

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