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Ideas For A Fun Summer RV Vacation

As we approach the start of summer, if you haven't already planned a summer vacation, it is time to get started! There are a million ideas of fun things you could do for a summer vacation. So how do you choose? It is so fun to go exploring new places in our country whenever you have the chance to do so. Sometimes it feels like work every day and all you want to do is take a vacation.

So take a week off just for fun and plan a fun trip where you get to choose everything you do. What kind of vacation will let you have the flexibility to go and see whatever you would like whenever you would like? RVing. This is the name for when you take a RV on your vacation, wherever that may be. There are a lot of fun things about RVing and this article will mention just a few of them.

If you don't have your own RV, you can rent one from a dealership. Make sure that you get a RV with enough space and the right RV accessories to make your trip truly worthwhile. Part of the best part of a vacation is that you get to spend time with family and friends. Make sure that you won't be too cramped that you are stepping on each other's toes the entire vacation.

The fun part of RVing is that you get to pull out a road map and plan your trip. Do a little research before you leave so you will know the area a little bit better and you won't miss any fun things on accident. Also, if you want to pull over and spend some time somewhere then do it! When you fly somewhere, you may get there faster, but there are so many things that you miss while you are in the air. When you are the one driving, you get to decide what you want to see and when. You shouldn't have to feel like you need to stick to a tight schedule.

There aren't any flights to miss or hotel check in and out times. Take your time to see everything that you would like to see because who knows how long it will be before you will be back again.

Hopefully, this has article has shown you more about RVing and helped inspire you to plan a summer vacation soon, to wherever that may be.


Why Use an RV Wholesaler?

Wholesale. The word calls to mind many ideas. We often use it to indicate goods purchased for institutions, industries, retail sales, commercial sales, or businesses.

The goods of a wholesaler will be gathered, ranked, and sorted into bulk (bigger lots than normal) at the manufacturing area, and then sent out in small lots to the kinds of buyers listed above. Wholesale can also refer to an individual who is a broker or go-between to help buy these goods for the businesses.

The common misconception is that some people tend to equate the term wholesale with discount, which is completely incorrect. Prices are generally lower from the wholesaler to the retailer than from the retailer to the consumer, however, the term discounting implies a reduction of the price at the point of purchase from a retail perspective. The concept of an RV Wholesaler is somewhat different.

The RV wholesaler is supposed to buy the merchandise for a retailer, and do it in a manner that will let the retailer pass on to the buyer a better price. Of course, every RV wholesaler has a different range of prices.

The wholesaler will also fit the RV to the needs of their individual consumers whenever possible. Pedata RV in Tucson, Arizona is the epitome of RV wholesalers in that they help the customer design the RV to fit the person's budget and lifestyle. And, they also offer the consumer the ability to shop for their RV online, so that anybody living anywhere in the United States can purchase from them.

Buying from an RV wholesaler gives the consumer a larger assortment of RV's to choose from as well as the ability to save them thousands of dollars on the purchase of the vehicle. Pedata RV's motto of "Don't make a $10,000 mistake" is a testimony to the savings that the consumer can be afforded by shopping at this dealership.

Usually, you can save due to the fact that an RV wholesaler will not add cost to the vehicle in order to raise their own profit. This is a common practice at standard dealerships.

You can also keep away from the stressful bargaining about price when you use the services of an RV wholesaler. The price is already at its lowest point, and you'll know you aren't being cheated. Pedata can even let you see the motorhome's MSRP and then show you their price.

You really could keep as much as $10,000 that you would have spent, depending on the model you are buying. You will appreciate the Pedata motto even more when you avoid a $10,000 mistake.

An RV wholesaler can also help you out when it comes time to finance your purchase. Many lenders offer certain plans for people buying an RV. A good RV wholesaler will help you find these lending businesses so you can get a financing package that will work for you. A loan that was made to help with purchasing an RV will often give you much better terms than you could get at your local credit union or bank.


Important Facts About RV Solar Panel Kits

Consumers that enjoy utilizing a recreational vehicle and have a desire to reduce the amount of energy that they use in doing so may benefit in numerous ways by purchasing one of the many RV solar panel kits available on the market today. Many individuals want to experience independence from relying on expensive fuel, the troublesome fumes associated with the fuel that the motor vehicle uses, as well as the often bothersome noise and vibration that are emitted from generators. In addition to this, many travelers appreciate the flexibility of parking their vehicle wherever they want, and not having to be dependent upon locations that have a hookup that provides electricity. If you find that you would enjoy being able to create your own power, save money while traveling and would like to free yourself from the grips of hookups that provide power to your recreational vehicle, you may benefit from solar RV kits. In this guide, you will learn important facts about solar panel kits.

Battery Power

If you are interested in purchasing RV solar panel kits, it is important to understand that the panels that you purchase will work to charge up the battery that provides power to other components of your recreational vehicle. Because of the fact that solar RV kits work to provide a constant source of energy to the battery bank, it is important to ensure that you have more than one panel. This will permit you to capture a larger amount of energy from the sun and will provide you with large amounts of power that will last you much longer than simply using one panel. You may also want to ensure that the battery bank that you have includes more than one unit. By doing so, you will be able to guarantee that you will be able to run off of the standard electrical grid for longer amounts of time.

Basic Components

There are many different basic components that are typically included in solar panel kits. If you are interested in powering your recreational vehicle by harnessing the energy that comes from the sun, it is important to ensure that you review the packaging that your kit comes with to make certain that you have all of the basic components that will be required to install and operate the unit. In most instances, you will receive a solar panel, mounting brackets that will be used to attach the solar panels, basic hardware components, RV appropriate solar wiring, a charge controller, and sealant. When purchasing solar panel kits, it is important to ensure that you have all of the equipment that you need to properly install the unit.


There are many different facts about solar RV kits that you should become familiar with. The most important facts are that they are highly beneficial in helping you get off the electrical grid that you are often confined to when traveling. In addition to this, they assist you in saving money because you will not be heavily dependent on electricity. RV solar panel kits are also relatively simple to install. As long as you have all of the proper components, you will find that it is simple to install this type of product on your recreational vehicle.


Will a New RV Diesel Pusher be Right for You?

Before you decide to purchase a new diesel pusher motor home, you should take the time to involve yourself in some serious and realistic research, especially if you're not intimately familiar with these types of motorhomes. There are so many different things and options to choose from that you cannot even begin to understand all the information out there without some considerable study.

If your first concern is with fuel efficiency and power, then you might want to look towards the diesel pusher over the gasoline engine due to its highly effective fuel efficiency. In the event that you have to be traveling through mountainous territory, you'll definitely want to put the diesel pusher to work as you will need the extra power to get up and down the mountains in a hurry. With the extra power that the diesel pusher offers, it seems a rather obvious choice for mountains and hills.

In the direct comparison between the class A diesel pusher versus the class C, the amenities are much nicer and have commanded a large amount of attention on the market from buyers. If you are traveling for an extended amount of time or with a large group, then you will certainly want to invest in the more luxurious model.

Naturally, a new diesel pusher will be more expensive than a gasoline powered RV, but with a rising level of fuel efficiency, you will be better off and conserve more fuel over the lifetime of the vehicle, making up for the extra cost over time. Naturally, it is a question of budget, but there are many lenders that have financing packages available for diesel pushers that are somewhat favorable and they have done a good job of establishing relationships with local RV dealerships that can help you attain your dream of a diesel pusher motor home.

Believe it or not, there are instructional classes on driving and safety available for you if you're a little unsure about handling being behind the wheel of such an immense piece of machinery. Manufacturers today are building in so many safety issues though, that is really not that much of an ordeal to cope with. Motorhomes today are surprisingly easy to maneuver and most of the safety equipment comes as standard features.

Additionally, the floor plans available for utilization is vastly more varied than it used to be, allowing individuals and families to purchase a motorhome that fits the lifestyle of the user. With so many different floor plans to choose from, you will not have a problem suiting your family's needs.

Pedata RV Center Is Ranked As a Top 10 Holiday Rambler Motorhome Dealer and has amazed its customers with its massive inventory of diesel pushers and RVs available for purchase. With our attention to customer service, we can provide you with all of your RV needs. Since we are one of the nation's foremost vehicle wholesalers, you can save many thousands of dollars on your RV purchase, whether new used, gas or diesel.

With our inventory, prices, and full commitment to service after the sale, it's no wonder that Pedata RV Center is recognized year-in and year-out as one of the top 10 Holiday Rambler dealers. With thousands of RV dealerships nationwide vying for such a title, it's a big deal. Whether you're new to RV sales, beginning your research and stumbled upon our website, or you're ready to buy a new diesel pusher and are just looking for the best one you can find, Pedata RV Center is ready to assist you. Our inventory of new and used diesel pushers changes constantly, so check back often to see what's new (or used!).


Buying a Used RV? Take These 5 Tips and Run

Many who consider buying their first recreational vehicle forget to question their initial desire. The RV lifestyle sounds fabulous and grand and it is (if I do say so myself). But it's not for everyone. Make sure the RV lifestyle is the life for you before you make the big purchase. Your lifestyle should fit within the RV lifestyle...if it doesn't you won't enjoy it as much as you'll have to work on it! And that's just missing the point entirely.

Many times, it is often suggested that the easiest way to decide on whether or not it's the RV life that you want is to rent one for a vacation before you ever purchase one. Practice makes perfect, and many dealerships offer all varieties of RV's to rent. However, if you've already taken that test, and you know that you want to make that kind of investment, then the next thing you'll be looking at is if your budget can handle that kind of purchase. Sometimes, the budget tells you that you should make that first purchase a pre-owned rather than a new RV.

When you've realized that the pre-owned route is the best choice for your budget then the next recommendation is that you investigate used Holiday Rambler motorhomes that are available on the market. The Holiday Rambler line of RV's has always been an industry leader for a variety of reasons all of which have done their part to earn the trust of the consumer. Your RV will be the answer for ALL your vacations whether the trip was precisely and thoroughly planned out months in advance, or if its a more spur-of-the-moment, get up and go vacation. In either case, you won't be disappointed when you jump in that used Holiday Rambler motorhome and hit the open road.

Once you're in your RV you'll notice that things look different from the window of a house on wheels. It's definitely a unique traveling experience. Not only does it offer a fabulous view of the road and all the places it can take you, but today's RV designs incorporate all the little luxuries that many of us just don't want to go without! And there's no time limit on how long you can enjoy the little luxuries of being on vacation because you're not staying at a hotel or renting a room...you own it! It's all your's! The result is a much more relaxing time spent away from home.

Tip Number Four: Know what you'll need BEFORE starting the application process. It's a lot like getting financing for a new recreational vehicle, but it's a little bit more intense. You can find loan options at your dealership or at a bank or you can find many financing options online. Be prepared with your employment information and your tax documents from the past few years.

There are so many options when it comes to planning your vacation itinerary. However, the fact that you oftentimes encounter some fascinating, yet little known spots while you are just "cruising"...taking in the sites along the way is what makes the spontaneity factor such a great part of owning an RV. Whether you plan your trip or let the open road lead your way, the RV is absolutely a worthwhile part of the vacation package.


The Best Time to Purchase an RV

The recent slump in the American economy has effected markets dependent upon consumer purchase across the board; especially non-essential and luxury items. American consumers have found their flexible spending constricted and many have put an indefinite hold on their non-essential purchasing. This reaction has definitely not had a positive effect on the sales numbers for RV dealers across the nation. In addition to the lack of spending, there's the added problem of the high gas prices that have left another negative stigma on RV travel.

But if you actually stop to think about it, now is a great time to purchase an RV. It's definitely the best time to purchase an RV in the last several years. Savvy consumers in the market for RV options are looking toward smaller, more economic models that don't come with a high gas consumption increase.

The savvy shopper in today's market is opting for the pop up trailer or truck trailer that can be hitched to vehicles already owned/in use. In this way, they can avoid the large increase in gas consumption that comes hand in hand with some of the larger, high end models. Towable units offer lower gas consumption levels as well as offering the additional benefit of mobility. The towable unit can be easily unhitched to allow travelers to run around town without carrying their RV with them. It can wait at the campsite. Due to these particular characteristics, the towable units have not seen the downturn in sales that larger models have seen.

For those looking to purchase a used RV; the time is perfect! Many are cutting back by selling their non-essential items, so the number of used RVs for sale by owner has seen drastic increases recently. The luxury items are the first things to go with money gets tight and for many across the nation that means the family's RV. So supply of used RVs is definitely up and the demand is low as consumers attempt to cut back on luxury item purchases. It's the perfect combination when it comes to getting a fabulous deal on a purchase.

Buyers of used luxury products in today's economic climate are at a distinct advantage. With an obvious lack of demand, RV prices are falling far below the numbers seen a couple years or even several months ago. Dealerships and RV manufacturers offer special deals and incentives to increase sales during times of low sales/demand. If they're patient, savvy shoppers can find a fantastic deals in the current market.

The American way of life includes travel and vacationing. The current economic slump puts a damper on these items for many, but rethinking travel plans may enable many to avoid canceling upcoming trips. Recreational vehicles are a very budget friendly way to travel economically. Staying closer to home with the travel expenses cut back significantly due to overnight stays in the RV rather than expensive lodgings as well as drastically lowering the costs that add up from eating out on vacation can make travel and vacationing a viable option even while consumers "cut back." Enjoying a road trip takes no effort at all when the road trip at hand has the advantage of an RV providing comfort, home-like dining options, and the fun that comes from time spent with family and friends.


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